Poetry Pause

Poetry Pause is the League’s daily poetry dispatch program, inspired by the Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day, the original daily digital poetry series. The Poetry Pause project is intended to augment the presence of Canadian poetry and to provide an opportunity to Canadian poets – seasoned and emerging alike – to have their poetry read by many. Poetry Pause delivers more than a poem; it delivers the chance for folks to pause for poetry – to spare a few minutes each day for words that heal, inspire, and sustain.  

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Your poetry could be featured in Poetry Pause; we are always accepting submissions!

Submission Guidelines 
  • The maximum number of poems to be submitted is four (4) 
  • Members of the League may submit up to the maximum of four (4) poems and are not required to pay an entry fee 
  • Non-members of the League may submit up to two (2) poems at no cost 
  • Non-members may submit up to two (2) additional poems, with a $5 entry fee per poem. Click here to pay the fee, if applicable. 
  • One entry = one poem, up to 100 lines in length 
  • Poems may be previously published (only when copyright belongs to the author, or if the author has obtained conditional permission from the publisher) 
  • Submissions are open only to poets residing in Canada.

Submissions will be accepted on an on-going basis; there is no firm deadline. Poets may submit once per year (12 months from their original submission month).  

To submit to Poetry Pause…

Step one: 

If necessary, purchase your entry fee by clicking on the shop listing to the left, or add it to your cart here. Members are not required to purchase an entry fee. Non-members receive two free submissions. 

Step two: 

Prepare a submission email with the following information (mandatory information is starred): 

  • Entrant’s name * 
  • Submission title(s) * 
  • Copyright information, if applicable (ex. first appeared in_____) * 
  • Entrant’s bio (~100 words, 3rd person) *
  • Link to personal website
  • Author photo 
  • Social media handles 

Step three: 

Attach each individual poem in a separate word document that does not include any identifying information. Any poem documents containing identifiers such the author’s name or publication information will not be considered. Blind submissions will be sent to our volunteer selection committee, members of which are professional Canadian poets.

Email your completed submission to info@poets.ca  using the subject line “Poetry Pause Submission.” 

You will receive an email confirmation regarding your submission within 1-3 weeks. 


Thank you for helping us build this exciting venture in Canadian poetry!