It’s September and the wasps are dying in Ottawa by Anvesh Jain

Poem title: It’s September and the wasps are dying in Ottawa Poet name: Anvesh Jain Poem: Angry insects bump and suckle against beer glass condensation. They are like us, erratic-drunk on fall’s fermentations. Twenty starving days in service to another nest’s queen. Cold will soon settle. Larvae will coil with anticipation. An adult pulls close, caught in afternoon cogitations I fish it from my sticky lager with a sweet potato fry. It shakes, sputters in gratitude. End of poem. Credits and bio: Copyright ©Anvesh Jain Previously published on (October 2022). Anvesh Jain was born in Delhi and moved to Calgary when he was one year old. His poems have appeared in literary magazines in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, India, and South Africa. He was an editor at The Hart House Review from 2018 to 2021. Anvesh is a chai enthusiast, and loves cricket. Pilgrim to No Country (Frontenac House Press, 2022) is his first book.