moss remediation by Norma Kerby

Poem title: moss remediation
Poet name: Norma Kerby
Poem: young man in nylon climbing harness leaf blower tossing lumps of
green moss off steep pitched roof as other worker   vacuums debris

moss removal this roof is only 
wet slab for mosses & ferns flourishing 
in soil forming processes         
as gutters fill with green 
where once a west coast temperate rain forest grew

roof cleaner sings fast song 
boss doesn’t want them to play loud music like those
carpentry guys building       flash dash houses in 
new subdivision next street over 

both of them joke about people from the prairies and how 
everything here grows moss -  roofs  & lawns & tops of metal posts
moss on cars sitting overwinter  & moss on patio chairs  & what are 
those dudes going to do when it starts raining in October & never 
stops & moss grows on their sidewalks & fancy boat trailers  & 
anything they leave outside grows     green algae & moss

sunny day so he doesn’t slip as rolls of moss tumble over sharp roof edge
he and his buddy will be back             if ever it gets sunny again and wash
this roof with peroxide to stop it from growing       more lichens and moss 

boss asked if they want to become    partners in a business
which never ends                      moss returns and this roof
   they will be back cleaning eaves    in a handful of years 
                as rain & a forest & cushions of moss
                                         try to retake    
                                         their valley
End of poem. 
Credits and bio: Copyright © Norma Kerby
Norma Kerby lives on the unceded territory of the Tsimpsean First Nations, inland north coast of British Columbia.  She has been published in journals, e-zines, magazines, and anthologies, most recently, the anthologies, Heartwood (League of Canadian Poets), Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem (Mansfield Press), Seed Dreams (Writers North of 54), (M)othering (Inanna Press) and Tending the Fire and Leap (League of Canadian Poets), as well as her chapbook, Shores of Haida Gwaii (Big Pond Rumours Press). Nominated for a Pushcart Prize (Prairie Journal) and shortlisted in poetry and flash fiction for the Federation of BC Writers Poetry Literary Contest (2021), she writes about environmental, ecological and social issues, in particular those affecting rural and northern Canada.