Fresh Voices

a publication project from and for the League’s associate members

Fresh Voices was created by Lesley Strutt to showcase the great work being produced by the League’s associate members! We are excited to continue this opportunity with curators Joan Conway (Associate Member Rep) and Blaine Marchand (poet and past president of the League). Fresh Voices is not only a publication opportunity but has also grown into a mini-workshop! Of the poems you submit, one poem will be shortlisted by the curators for which they will provide editorial insight and feedback.

Issues are published quarterly (January, April, July, October).

To submit:

  • Send 3-5 poems to You may submit only once per quarter, but you may submit every quarter until your poetry is selected for publication. Poets may have their work published once per calendar year.

Joan Conway lives in NW British Columbia. Her love for the culture and geography of her home strongly influences her work. In 2016 Joan spearheaded the creation of ‘Writers North of 54, a poetry collective whose main objective is to express the unique voice and landscape of this place. Joan sees her poetry as an avenue to create social change, build community, and to celebrate life. Joan’s studio, Green Blossom, is partially used as a venue for bringing poets to the north. Her work appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines. She is currently completing her first book of poetry ‘Singing the Night.’ Joan also has a personal blog that we encourage readers to explore, Green Blossom Studio

Blaine Marchand‘s award-winning poetry and prose has appeared in Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan and the US. The author of six books of poetry, a chapbook, a children’s novel and a work of non-fiction, his last two, Aperture (Buschek Books, 2008) and The Craving of Knives (Buschek Books, 2009) were shortlisted for the Archibald Lampman Award and for Relit Award. A chapbook, My Head, Filled With Pakistan, appeared in November, 2016. Active in Ottawa for over 40 years, he was the President of the League of Canadian Poets from 1991-93. He is working on a new manuscript, Becoming History, a series on cancer, Finding My Voice, and a collection of short stories, Nomads.

This opportunity is open only to associate members of the League. Not yet a member? Please visit our membership page for details on how to apply!

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