Self-Portrait in Lycra Skinsuit by Nicholas Bradley

Poem title:  Self-Portrait in Lycra Skinsuit
Poet name: Nicholas Bradley
Poem: Riding against time, I am the future 
incarnate. My metronome feet are wrapped 
in polyurethane and polyamide, their 
unyielding soles cleated to the carbon

machine. My polystyrene head catches no 
wind, and my limbs, clad in copolymers, 
are as dragless as money will buy.
Last century’s chemistry dresses me

in Day-Glo from prescription sunglasses 
to baby toes. I am a testament
to Progress and Industry. But when 
I pedal my clunker virtuously

to the supermarket, the 1800s
toss and turn and blink. Although I’m ready 
for life on Mars, some part of me pines
for horses, the world before combustion.
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Nicholas Bradley 
Previously published in Before Combustion (Gaspereau Press, 2023).
Nicholas Bradley is the author of two books of poetry: Rain Shadow and Before Combustion. He teaches at the University of Victoria.