This arrival poem, by Jason Coombs

Poem name: This arrival poem Poet name: Jason Coombs Poem:  is best when read with the sun shining onto the page from overtop of your left shoulder so the words are lit from south to north and east to west - highlighting a natural progression unless you are reading from the east to one day have landed in the west or from the southern hemisphere having sold it all  to start anew, in which case you would think twisting the light over your right shoulder would have these instructions make more sense, do not worry, a simple correction can be made by kneeling down and turning to face the author as it is not wise to turn your back to authority, you’ll enjoy this piece more  if you lean to the left, tolerate the right		  to not cast your  claim to be heard or care there are no obligations to be found here, unless you forget to pay close attention, otherwise you won’t be able to translate  these directions by which they were intended to be felt, chaos will surely ensue and nobody wants what they had back home  until they do. End of poem.  Credits and bio: Copyright © Jason Coombs Jason E. Coombs is a poet and podcaster who, when not reading, studying and writing poetry, helps run and build a chocolate business in Toronto, ON. He is the host and operator of an emerging podcast focusing on reading and promoting poetry created in Canada titled Eh Poetry Podcast. Among other digital publications, his work may also be found in the print anthologies Worth More Standing - Caitlin Press, Mother Tongue - Patito Press, The Covid Verses - Paddler Press and Sledgehammer Literary Magazine.