You Were There by Cynthia Sharp

Poem title: You Were There
Poet name: Cynthia Sharp
Poem: You were there
in lavender sunset swirls 
of paint on canvas 
through the grassy terrain 
to Sechelt beach
in the cadence of royal blue shells 
the waves washed to shore
the gentleness you are 
finding its way to me
like the wind breathing cypress 
through the grace of long easy days.

You were there
in the tempo of waiting 
the lonely pages
of chapters in time 
when I poured
my longing into work 
loving through brokenness.

You were there 
in the allegro
of journeys through life
the toddlers and labradors and sunflowers 
I nurtured as my own
and in the crescendo of mountain trails 
leading to Eagle Bluffs.

You are there
out my bedroom window
as auroras disappear into stars 
and the moon fills the night
to watch over and guide and protect 
this exquisite gift of existence.
End of poem.
Credits and bio: Copyright © Cynthia Sharp
Previously published in Lantern Magazine (Cactus Press, print, 2014), and Rainforest in Russet (Silver Bow Publishing, 2018).
Cynthia Sharp received her MFA in creative writing in Washington, where she was on the editorial team of The Pitkin Review, and her Honours BA in literature in Toronto. She is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets, as well as The Writers’ Union of Canada. Cynthia was the Writers International Network Vancouver 2022 Poet Laureate, one of the Pandora’s Collective 2020 Poetry Contest judges, and the City of Richmond’s 2019 Writer in Residence. She enjoys being on the board of directors for the Burnaby Writers’ Society, in addition to having served two years on the executive of the Federation of British Columbia Writers as the blog editor, Greater Vancouver Regional Rep and local newsletter editor. Her poetry, reviews and creative nonfiction have been published and broadcast internationally in journals such as CV2, Prism, Quills, Pocket Lint, Toasted Cheese and untethered and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology. Her poetry collections Ordinary Light and Rainforest in Russet are available in bookstores and libraries throughout the world.