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Statements and Press Releases

2020: COVID-19 statement

2020: Statement of Support for Black and Indigenous People and Communities

2020: The Reestablishment of the Freedom of Expression Committee

2011: P.K. Page Trust Fund and Benefit Readings

Mapping Canada’s Poets Laureate

Poets Laureate of Canada Map

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Blog


2018 Events


2017 Poster and Bookmark


2016 Events


Poetry City

Poetry City

Poetry City FAQ



2015: (at the time, titled: Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge)

2014 (at the time, titled: Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge)

Poem In Your Pocket Day




*includes the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, the Raymond Souster Award, Sheri D Wilson Golden Beret Award, and others.

2020 Book Awards Winners 

2019, 2015 Book Awards Winners

2018 Book Awards Winners

2017 Book Awards Winners

2016 Book Award Winners

2015 Golden Beret Award Winner

Honorary Membership Award (1981 – Present)

2012 – 2017 Colleen Thibaudeau Award for Outstanding Contribution

Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize





Very Small Verse Contest Past Winners

2020: Diana Manole, 2019: kjmunro

National Haiku Contest

National Haiku Contest (2018)

2018 Winner

Broadsheet Contest

2020, 2019 Winners

2018 Winner

2017, Inaugural Year Winner


2021 Spontaneous Poetry Writing Seminar

2020 Poetry and Healing Sick Kids Hospital Fundraiser (National Poetry Month)

2019 Drunken Clock Silent Auction

2019 BIPOC Writers Connect (with The Writers’ Union of Canada)

2018 Robbie Burns Night

2017 Robbie Burns Night

2017 Doors Open Toronto

2017 Professional Headshots Fundraiser

Poetry in Union

2021: Poetry In Union — Digital Experience

2020: Poetry in Union

2019: Poetry in Union – Railway Lines and Valentines

Feminist Caucus

Feminist Caucus Living Archives Series

Feminist Caucus in Conversation Series

Many Gendered Other Reading List

Fresh Voices

2017 – Present: Fresh Voices: Poems by Associate Members

Heartwood Anthology

Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees

Poetry Pause

Poetry Pause Archives

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Readings in Public Places

Canada Poetry Tours

Poets in the Schools