National Poetry Month 2020 Blog List

This National Poetry Month 2020 has been full of amazing poetry, poets, and community.

In case you missed any of our amazing NPM Blog posts, here is a recap of all the thoughts, ideas, and reflections offered up by our esteemed group of NPM Blog poets. Thank you to all our contributors for your voices and words.

National Poetry Month: Prompted by Jude Neale

A Shared Tapestry: Poetry, Community and Culture by Jeevan Bhagwat

A World of Poetry by Bill Arnott

A World of Poetry: Life and Truth by Anna Yin

Poetry Beyond Borders by Abena Beloved Green

Translating Poetry by Erín Moure

From Poetry Nation to Instagram by Feng Zhou

Poetry and the Condition of Communication by Adebe DeRango-Adem

Language, Travel, Eros, Being: How the Airplane, Structured Like a Language Is “A World of Poetry” by Adeena Karasick

When Poems Are Rooms by Onjana Yawnghwe

The Power of Poetry by Flavia Cosma

The Languages of Poetry by Hugh Hazelton

Learn to Read Minds in Only 171,476* Easy Steps! by Anita Dolman

Poetry and the World by Mary Lee Bragg

Communicating Vessels by Beatriz Hausner

Fructification, Creative Misunderstanding, Empathy: East and West Dissolve by Sonja Arnzten

My World of Poetry by SPIN El Poeta

Grow Up in a World of Poetry by Janice Zhang

Why is Saint John’s Head in my Petri Dish? by Eleonore Schönmaier

A World of Poetry and Fun by Janet Rogers

Poetic Places to Discover in Canada by Chloe Coome