We are truly bursting with excitement to announce our upcoming daily poetry dispatch, Poetry Pause! This project is intended to augment the presence of poetry in the lives of Canadians and provide an opportunity to poets – seasoned and emerging alike – to have their poetry read by many. We'll deliver the chance for folks to pause for poetry - to spare a few minutes each day for words that heal, inspire, and sustain.

With Poetry Pause, the League will circulate one poem a day, Monday-Friday, each month, all year - starting late 2018. For your daily dose of poetics, you can subscribe to our Poetry Pause newsletter or find the poems on our website where they will be archived. We’ll send out mostly Canadian content (of course!) BUT we do have lots of International friends in poetry...

And who will write the poems, you might ask? It could be you! Keep reading to view our submission guidelines and instructions.

Accepted poems and audio recordings will be archived on Poets.ca, may be selected for use in future Poem in Your Pocket Day booklets, and may be used in League promotional materials online and in print. Should the situation arise, the League will ask permission to reproduce the poem in any print anthologies.

Excited about Poetry Pause? Subscribe to the newsletter early and look forward to your first straight-to-inbox poem delivery in late 2018!


  • The maximum number of poems to be submitted is eight (8)
  • Members of the League may submit up to eight (8) poems, and are not required to pay an entry fee
  • Non-members of the League may submit up to two (2) poems at no cost
  • Non-members may submit up to six (6) additional poems, with a $5 entry fee per poem
  • One entry = one poem, up to 100 lines in length
  • Poems may be previously published (only when copyright belongs to the author, or if the author has obtained conditional permission from the publisher)

Think you're ready to send us your poems? Great!


Step one:

If necessary, purchase your entry fee by clicking on the shop listing to the left, or add it to your cart here. Members are not required to purchase an entry fee. Non-members receive two free submissions.

Step two:

Prepare a submission email with the following information (mandatory information is starred):

  • Entrant’s name *
  • Submission title(s) *
  • Copyright information, if applicable (ex. first appeared in_____) *
  • Entrant’s bio (with link to personal website)
  • Author photo
  • Social media handles
  • A paragraph “about the poem(s)”
  • Indicate whether entrant would be willing to record an audio version of the poem to accompany if accepted.

Submissions will be accepted on an on-going basis; there is no firm deadline.

Step three:

Attach each individual poem in a separate word document that does not include any identifying information (submissions will be judged blind).

Email your completed submission to madison@poets.ca using the subject line “Poetry Pause Submission.”

You will receive an email confirmation regarding your submission within 5 business days.

Thank you for helping us build this exciting venture in Canadian poetry!